Who We Are

Who We Are

An independent five-year evaluation of Communities In Schools found that CIS is one of a very few organizations proven to keep students in school and the only one to document that it increases graduation rates.

Who are we?

Communities In Schools (CIS) surrounds students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. The nationwide network focuses on improving student and school success by partnering with local school districts and leveraging resources. Our goals are to support youth, improve graduation rates, increase academic achievement, facilitate career preparedness and ensure post-secondary school readiness.

Why is CIS important?

In Georgia, more than 20,000 students drop out of high school each year and cost our state billions in foregone revenue. Helping these students succeed in school will create a more educated workforce and increase their earning potential.
Additionally, increasing graduation rates improve Georgia’s economic growth, lower health, social service, crime prevention and incarceration costs. High school graduates are more likely to be civically engaged through volunteerism and community service.
Investing in research-based programs to build a better future for Georgia makes sense.

What exactly does CIS do to help students succeed in school?

Local site coordinators and school administrators develop the plan and build a team to give students the support and encouragement they need to unlock their potential. By following the CIS Model, site coordinators provide effective and adaptable services to students based on individual need. A few of our programs that support students statewide are:

How are we different?

Cost-Effective Model

We work within public school systems and maximize the use of dedicated volunteers and community partners.

Innovative Programs

We develop national programs based on best practices for improving student achievement.

Quality Network

We provide training for staff and ensure each local affiliate serving students adheres to our standards of quality through an accreditation process.

How is CIS effective?

In Georgia, on average, CIS programs raise more than $20 for every dollar of state funds, a figure state performance auditors found to be a “significant return on investment.”

Through CIS’ innovative hands-on approach with the CIS Model, site coordinators assigned to each school customize local services for the benefit of each student.

The Georgia network of 41 CIS affiliates and 17 PLCs serves more than 145,000 students in hundreds of school and community-based sites.

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